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SSP - Solid phase viscosity increasing device

Time:May . 11 . 2023 Author:PTSL

SSP Device Name:
SSP - Solid phase viscosity increasing device (Polytex technology, Polytex Design)
Main principle: Solid-phase thickening, also known as solid-phase polycondensation, is a polycondensation reaction carried out in a solid state. Solid polymer particles with a certain molecular weight are heated to a glass transition temperature below their melting point (usually between 10 and 40 ℃ below the melting point), and small molecule products are removed through vacuum or inert gas protection (usually using high-purity nitrogen), allowing the polycondensation reaction to continue and viscosity to further increase.
Device Description:
Intermittent solid phase viscosity increasing device (i.e. drum viscosity increasing, single line capacity: 1-20 tons/batch)
Continuous solid phase viscosity increasing device (single line capacity: 15 tons/day to 750 tons/day)
SSP - Intermittent solid phase viscosity increasing device (drum viscosity increasing)
Slice conveying system
Pre crystallization system
Specially designed drum system
Cooling system
Nitrogen circulation system
Material Storage and Packaging System
Secondary heat medium circulation system
Special Electrostatic precipitator system
Specially designed nitrogen cooling technology
Replacing traditional water cooling with nitrogen cooling
Novel dust removal technology reduces dust content
New proprietary anti-static technology
Compared to the traditional old-fashioned drum method, the product quality is more stable and easier to control
Application: For strict quality requirements, special requirements such as low polymer content, dust-free and electrostatic free, and low end carboxyl group requirements.